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Warrior Visualizer Released

Summers are a big deal in the Vincristine camp, as they offer the most flexible opportunity to be creative and to record music. A lot of structure-free time, and a lot of ideas to fill it. Unfortunately, as you might be aware from previous posts, this summer had some kinks in it. While this doesn't cover everything, a somewhat comprehensive list might go as follows:

- Tonsillectomy recovery from mid June into July

- Participation in a summer camp program in the second and third week of July

- Recovery from getting punched in the face by a random drunk guy for reasons that will forever be somewhat unclear to me and the people at the bar

- An extended family member residing in my studio, cumulatively amounting to slightly less than a month

- Et Cetera time consumptions on various days

Ever more unfortunately, these events continue to push back the release date for Honor, and with structure-free-summer drawing to a close it doesn't look to be hastening.

What's that mean for us? Well, we wouldn't have started releasing music again after 3 years if we were hoping to disappear off the face of the planet immediately afterward. And we don't like that everyone, including listeners, have been in limbo as we've struggled through this unintentional drought. So, instead of holding on tightly to some of the cooler artistic and promotional material for Honor and Valor, we're gonna let some of it loose. A final layer of polish was intended, but if we're being honest, only a few people would care to begin with, and we're tired of stopping this train before it starts.

Feel free to trance out, and enjoy our trippy visualizer for the single "Warrior." And keep an eye out for its partner in the coming weeks.

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