• Vincristine

Warrior / Manticore | Honor / Valor

For the first time in a little more than 3 years, we’re releasing new material today. From the respective forthcoming albums Honor and Valor, these two singles proudly straddle our philosophy of merging multiple styles. More up the alley of traditional stoner metal, “Warrior” takes the soul of an underground jazz club before closing time and injects it into the heart of your local underground mosh pits. “Manticore” focuses on sonic exploration, and will take you from forests to deserts with indulgence in our middle-eastern-music-meets-modern-stoner-metal signature.

Counterpart singles from counterpart albums, Honor is positioned for release on the final day of spring, while Valor is positioned for early fall.

As with a lot of DIY bands sometimes schedules don’t quite line up. Either way, get excited for a physical release of a double A-side single next week. Pay attention for full details soon! In the meantime, enjoy the new tunes and artwork.





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