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Tonsiltunes is a weird combination of words

This has already been addressed on social media, but it has become a big enough issue that I felt it necessary to address in a more official manner.

I am currently still in recovery from a tonsillectomy performed mid-June. My optimistic hope was that this would only delay the releases of both Honor and Valor by a couple weeks, as 14 days is the timeframe for "mostly recovered." Unfortunately "mostly" isn't good enough when it comes to singing; I'd really rather not toast my throat with a risk of permanent damage just because I didn't wait long enough to push it. Not to mention there's still just actual discernible scabbing and discomfort, though most of it has gone away by now. I can sing, but I really shouldn't, and I'll probably regret it..

Originally projected for release during the final week of Spring 2019, Honor must now be pushed back until god knows when -- late Summer 2019 seems realistic, though early Fall has potential. The good news is that the album has been in some semblance of a releasable state for close to a year now; all the recording that's been happening in 2019 has really been additional stuff that's technically unnecessary. Its mostly a consequence of taking so long to release that in the meantime I end up learning new production techniques or getting new ideas for the mix or composition. The songs themselves have largely been unchanged since the original primary recording sessions in 2018.

Valor consequently must be delayed as well, though there is less concern for that; not that it is a throwaway by any means, but it is much more of an experiment than its counterpart. Hopefully we can see it release towards the middle of fall, or at the very latest late fall.

On a final note, take comfort in the fact that this is delayed. As mentioned, the material has been in some sort of a releasable state for a while now; its just being perfected. It is a matter of making sure the final product is very much worth listening to, and I'm sure you'll appreciate it once it's in the wild.

- Nick

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