• Vincristine

This Time we'll remember The Machine on its *ACTUAL* Birthday

I've already written up a retrospective on the album that I posted last year for its early birthday, since Warrior and Manticore were about to release and I didn't wanna have conflicting promotional runs.

I recommend you check that one out, as its a really good introspective on my musicianship, but that said: I'd like to talk about "Undermind" once more. Sometime last year I was listening to it while on a walk, and.....I realized I'd accidentally written psychedelic sludge/doom metal. When I wrote it, I didn't even really know what sludge metal was.

Not to pat myself on the back too much, but every time I look back at this album now, I reflect on how innovative it was, and how much of it was held back by my experience level in music production at the time.

And then I get some ideas...

To close, enjoy a picture from before The Machine had even released. In fact... I think its from before Demo A had even been circulated.

Photo Credit: Mark Mosso

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