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Streaming is Fun

Are you capital-B Bored? Self-quarantine got you down? Well then come on down to our livestreams and be amazed!.. or maybe slightly underwhelmed!

With all the stay-at-home orders, there was inevitably going to be a lot of artists who were suddenly able to dedicate more time to their craft, and I'm definitely one of them. In fact I'm predicting a pretty big surge in the arts both during and post-COVID. Streaming is something Vincristine has wanted to get involved in for a while now -- there was a test back in late 2018 or early 2019 on Facebook. But up until now the idea gathered dust. Help us blow that dust off and witness the craft via livestream! Current target platforms are as follows:

Usually I like to keep the creativity locked down pretty tight -- how else are people supposed to know Vincristine is talented when we can't filter every mistake out of the public eye?! But I've been exercising loosening my grip on perfectionism and I felt that this was a great way to both do something cool and work on myself. This has allowed me to combine visual elements with my music in ways I've only imagined previously -- with audio-reactive visuals and overall tech-savviness, I think the current result has turned out pretty cool. I thus invite you to step behind-the-scenes with me for these multi-cam raw feeds of the craft!

Currently I'm still figuring out the odds and ends of using OBS to stream to multiple platforms, so there might be some kinks in the way of the simulcast that result in only one platform being active at a time. When in doubt, check the Facebook stream first. Rest assured, we'll get it going.

On a final note: I assume there are no dedicated readers of this blog, but in the event that there are -- yeah, I know the previous post alludes to the release of a visualizer for "Manticore" and I never published it. Truth be told its practically at a point where it only needs to be rendered and then uploaded, I just wanted to tweak it more. But... I dunno, it just slipped away from me. The project started slipping out of my mind. It'll surely have a visualizer eventually -- any more on the topic needs its own blog post though. Consider these streaming sessions an acceptable alternative.

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