• Vincristine

Stream Updates, website facelift, and Now you can Join the FUN!

Our streaming is advancing! You might notice that our twitch URL changed; it used to be Nick's personal profile EndWggn, but we figured it made sense to just have an official profile at vincristineband. On another note, we've figured out simulcasting! Hooray! Now you can tune in on whatever platform!

On a much bigger note, you might notice a new addition to the sidebar on the left called "Interact." We intend to make bigger announcements about this, but as a quick summary: we figured out how to overlay community artwork over our livestream while the art is being made, and that's just fuckin' cool.

Feel free to pester us however possible if it turns out the canvas isn't actually working during a stream. I'm expecting there to be a lot of kinks early on.

On another note, Doesn't the website look so much better now?

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